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What does GDA stand for?

Short answer – Gary Does Alot

Long answer – The owner Gary has a history of doing a ton of different things.  In the past he was a professional DJ, marketer, IT professional, board game Youtuber, convention presenter and the list goes on.  In 2018 he made a website that represented many of these different business ventures and it was called “Gary Does Alot” (and yes he understands that “Alot” is spelled “a lot”).  Since then he continued to name every business venture after that original name…hence “GDA”

Are you lgtbq friendly?

It’s sad that we live in a world where I need to state this, but HELL YES WE ARE LGTBQ FRIENDLY!  We also try our best with only suggesting other vendors that are LGTBQ friendly as well, so be sure to check out our preferred vendors list if you are having a tough time finding the right people for your wedding.

Do you also provide Videography services?

While I’m not the person behind the camera and editing, GDA Weddings does contract our videography services with other industry professionals.  We have no issues with you hiring us just for photography, but if you’d like to make planning on your side much easier we definitely suggest to book a videographer through us.  This not only gets a team of photographers and videographers that enjoy each other’s company, but we also respect each other’s craft and will ensure that we work together to deliver the best possible recap of your wedding.

Do you deliver every image you shoot?

We do not, our job is to make you look good and if I can be honest for a moment…MANY photos don’t capture us in our best moments.  Whether if someone was blinking, making an awkward face, or if the photo was out of focus.  There are many reasons why we do not deliver all images that we shoot to the client.

But it also doesn’t make sense practically as well.  At times we take several photos just in case if someone blinks or something happens in a photo, often times many photos are VERY similar to each other.  Also photos take up a large amount of space, with an average wedding being 2k+ photos.  If we kept all photos we would have to add an additional charge to all clients just to keep purchasing hard drives.

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can i print my own photos?

You are not only not allowed to print photos, but the photos will not print properly without the correct files.  On all photos that we deliver you can view them in any digital format and share them as well.  You can throw them on the largest TV screen in your house, or put them in digital photo frames and they will look fantastic.  But the photos will not print if brought to a printer like CVS or an online store like Shutterfly

When it comes to printing GDA Weddings provides 2 options:
1.) Purchase photos from the online gallery that is delivered to you.

2.) Purchase the printable files.  These files also do not need to be purchased before the wedding, and can be purchased at ANY TIME after the wedding.  No rush from us!

Have you shot at my venue before?

Regardless if we have shot at your venue or not, we ALWAYS arrive early in order to investigate the venue in order to learn the layout, and any possible changes.  Typically this is enough to know exactly how to shoot a wedding, but if there is any unique details we should know be sure to bring it up in our consultation meeting.

who will be shooting my wedding?

Gary will be the lead photographer for all weddings for the time being.  If Gary is not the lead photographer this will be mentioned in the consultation meeting.  Gary also hires other photographers to 2nd/3rd shoot for his clients and videographers to handle all videos.

do you only do wedding photography?

We personally only handle the photography end of things, but we contract with trusted vendors for other services like videography and in the future makeup/hair artists, planners, etc.  Us contracting out is a service to simplify our clients planning process.  We like to assume if they enjoy working with us then they’ll also enjoy working with some of our friends in the industry!

what is your photography style?

We like to describe our style as a blend of dramatic and journalistic.

Dramatic is how we capture couples during our “creative sessions”.  A “creative session” is essentially the portraits, the moments during a wedding where it’s just the photographer and newly weds.  During this moment we aim for just a handful of images that you will cherish for a lifetime.  If there is one thing we love capturing it’s the sun which is VERY apparent in our entire portfolio

Journalistic is how we capture all other moments.  Besides family portraits, table seating, and the creative session, we RARELY will ask people to pose for a photo.  We believe that capturing people in the moment is the best way to capture the true emotions and love a wedding can bring out in people.

We also edit photos on the warmer side.  We like to paler skin clients as “You don’t need to go tanning before your wedding” and to darker skin clients “Your skin will give off a very natural glow of royalty”.

Do you shoot in Jpeg, or raw?

From a photography stance, if you are delivering the goods then it doesn’t matter how you save your files.  But we do capture all photos in RAW because it allows us to edit photos the best way possible.

My venue is very dark. How Do you handle these situations?

The owner Gary comes from a fairly heavy background of night photography…so as weird as it is to say, but we thrive in dark venues.  We have some of the best gear to shoot in dark venues, and we are also trained to use flash photography during the reception to keep all photos looking fantastic.

Also don’t worry, we do not use flash photography during the ceremony unless requested.

Let Us Take Capture your perfect day!

Do you edit all photos?

We edit all photos that we deliver.  We want our final product to reflect our company and we would never deliver an unedited photo because that can poorly reflect on our brand.

Upon special request we do have the option to deliver photos unedited for an additional fee

How many hours do you suggest we set aside for wedding day photos?

How badly do you want fantastic photos?

We will never request a ridiculous amount of hours to shoot on your wedding day because it’s your day to have fun!  But a safe rule of thumb is to give us an absolute minimum of 30 minutes for each TYPE of creative session that you want.  With the maximum time being 60 minutes if you really want to insure great results from that session.  These include:
-Getting ready
-First look
-Bridesmaids and groomsmen
-Immediate Family
-Couple’s Session

It’s also wise to plan your wedding around these shoots.  For example, if you are having a later wedding it’s a smart move to schedule many of these shoots before the wedding even starts so you can just enjoy your day!

Do you have insurance?

GDA Weddings is a fully insured wedding photography company that has coverage up to $1 million for general liability insurance.  So be sure to check with your venue to see if this is required, MANY PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESSES DO NOT HAVE INSURANCE.

How long do you backup our images?

GDA Weddings keeps online galleries alive for 12 months.  After 12 months if we need the space your gallery will then be taken down.  We do not delete photos regularly and it’s realistic to still be able to request your photos 2-3 years after they have been taken….BUT BE WARNED, as per our contract after 3 years we are no longer required to have the photos.

Do you do destination weddings?

YES!!!  We would love to be considered your photographer for your destination wedding.  Because it is something we are planning on doing heavily in the future we currently give couples huge discounts to include us on their destination weddings!

How long will it take to edit our photos?

For both engagement and weddings you can expect your photos within 1 month of your wedding.

How many images do you typically deliver?

Here at GDA Weddings we do not promise and limit clients to a certain amount of photos.  If we shoot a wedding and we notice that all 3,000 photos were perfect and unique, then that client will receive 3,000 photos (have mercy on the soul that edits that wedding).  But after shooting a bunch we have noticed the following:

Engagements – Our engagement sessions are typically 1-2 hours depending on the venue, and you can expect 20-30 images.

Weddings – On average you can expect 70-100 photos per hour.

Be at ease with your wedding photography

What if I accidentally delete all photos?

We are not in the stone age of photography where we will have to hunt down the film from your wedding and sit in a dark room for half a day processing your photos all over again.

If we still have your photos, we will gladly send them over to you at no additional fee.  Now if this becomes a habit and you are requesting your photos every other week, then we may have to charge a few grand to detour this behavior.

Do you meet in person? Video call? Over the phone?

We HIGHLY prefer meeting in person when possible, and when that isn’t possible a video call is fantastic as well.  While we have no issues with doing consultation calls over the phone, we also feel like you do not get a strong connection with us over the phone.  Half of our charm is making you feel comfortable, we want to be the go-to person for any and all questions, we want you on your wedding day to feel comfortable enough to ask us for any photo requests.  We feel like that customers that only communicate by phone calls do not reach the level of comfort that we wish for all of our clients, so we highly encourage meeting in person and on video calls.

How do we reserve you?

We do not consider a client booked until your contract is signed and we receive your initial retainer.  If we receive none of those things we will keep your wedding in mind, but if another client contacts us for the same date they can potentially book us for that date.

If the wedding is cancelled do we receive a refund?

All retainer payments collected up to that date are non-refundable.  This is because we had to turn away other clients for the day of your wedding, and we had to make accommodations for your wedding.  

If we happen to book another wedding for your date, we typically will have no reason to hold onto your retainer and we may CONSIDER a refund.  Just be aware that this is not required for us to do.

if we switch dates can we apply our retainer fee to the new date?

Typically no, a new date is a new booking, and we would have to charge for that new date.  But this is a case by case situation, there maybe a situation where we can apply the retainer fee to the new date.

Do you charge a traveling fee?

For 2020 we will not charge any traveling fees as long as we agree to work on your wedding and engagement.  Consider this a secret promo.

Do you offer any weekday, and off-season types of discounts?

Sorry but we do not offer discounts for these days.  Our prices are set to keep us in business, and any additional discounts (except for planned promotions) would set us in the red.

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