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Your inclusive photographer for FOLK(X) of all sorts

Hi!  I’m Gary Pope, your inclusive photographer for FOLK(X) of all sorts based out of Hartford, CT but you can find me shooting photos all over New England.

I’m a self-proclaimed-ex-D-list-board-game-Youtube-celebrity who is really just a closet geek at heart.  When people first meet me they think I’m definitely an extrovert, but the way I describe it is that I’m DEFINITELY an introvert (nothing beats staying home to play board games and video games!) but I most certainly have a huge battery from my upbringing.

Your self-proclaimed-ex-D-list-board-game-youtube-celebrity photographer

So you want to know about me being a D-list celebrity?  Well in a very strange turn of events, my past of trying to become a Youtuber for board games got me into wedding photography!  Because of Youtube, I picked up a camera for the first time and became OBSESSED.  I learned everything you could possibly learn about photography and videography in a very short amount of time, in fact I learned so much I got my first big name gig with LL.Bean within my first year of photography.  But back to Youtube, I became a big influencer in CT for board games (to date I still run the largest board game community in CT!).  I traveled to conventions, participated in panels and even worked with the biggest board game Youtube channel on the planet! (Dice Tower)

Your closet geek wedding photographer

Then I got my first wedding client…it was a really good friend of mine who I play board games with fairly often and they were so fantastic to work with!  So that started my love of wedding photography ESPECIALLY with geeky introverts like myself!

My couples are totally chill, and the last thing they want is a photographer who bosses them about and takes over their wedding day.

*And yes…this is a Harry Potter Wedding Shoot*

Your "let you relax and just have fun during your wedding" photographer

My wedding photography style is light and vibrant. I capture all the silly and wonderful moments, and let you get on with having a fantastic wedding. For me the best part about a wedding day is the chill in-between bits (because everyone’s a bit tipsy and has forgotten about me and my camera!).

Your wedding is all about having a wonderful time with your favorite people.  You just want to have a hell of a party with your favorite folk(x).

If this sounds like you, and you reckon we’d get along, then get in touch!

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