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What to expect when working with GDA Weddings

You finally said “Yes!”, congratulations!

You showed your friends and family your ring, and your parents just breathed a sigh of relief because they were worried for a moment.  Now before you two love birds can sail off into the sunset to forever live your days together….or just sit on the couch and watch Seinfield reruns, you have to plan your wedding day!  Our goal is to make your wedding photography a breeze.

Wedding Photography Packages start at $2,200

Your wedding will be one of your most fondest memories, so we want to handle this very special moment with care.  Also note that not all weddings are the same and there is no way to determine exactly what you need for your wedding without hearing from you first.  All of our packages include at least these fundamental things that we feel all weddings need:

-Engagement Session – This is for us to really get to know each other and get comfortable.  While I guide you on poses that you’ll also use on your wedding day, this is also that time when you inform me to only capture the right side of your face, because that’s “Your Good Side”.

-6 hours of coverage – This is enough time to cover the fundamental photos.  You typically may have to decide if you’d prefer more candids during your reception, or getting ready photos.  Booking us for 8+ hours typically gets you both, and also wiggle room in case if things run late.

-A 2nd photographer – Not only is having 2 photographers great for capturing multiple angles of moments, but they also provide a second source for photos in case if the other photographer is busy or too far away.  Creative sessions also take up a considerably less time with assistance from a 2nd photographer.  To also add at GDA Weddings we try to always have 1 male and female shooter at all weddings in case if people would feel more comfortable with one over the other in more private shoots (in particular getting ready photos).

-Online Gallery – You will have an online gallery to see your wedding photos.  You can download, share and purchase prints directly from this gallery and it’s super easy to use.  Photos are stored there for at least 12 months.

Can we try before we buy?

You kind of can!  This can be accomplished in 1 of 2 ways:

1.) You book us for an engagement session.  Engagements start at $300.  If you love the photos and working with us then we can most certainly count your engagement session fees towards your wedding investment.

Just be aware that prints are not included in that transfer

2.) We occasionally run events called “styled shoots”.  If you’ve never heard of them before, they are essentially mock weddings where we typically shoot models with particular looks and styles.  If you want to see some examples feel free to check out the “Styled Shoots” section in my portfolio

But what do these styled shoots have to do with you trying before you buy?  Well if you contact me and are interested we may choose you as a couple to work with on these shoots for free!  You will have no say on what you wear, how the shoot looks, and you will also have to be on set for several hours but it’s actually a fantastic opportunity to meet a bunch of vendors you may want for your own wedding, it’s great practice, and you got to try out all of these things including our photography for free!  Also you will have access to all of the edited photos as well!

Let's walk you through the entire process

You just became engaged!

Congrats!  You knew it would happen eventually….

Now it’s time to start planning!  Once you get in contact with us we will start mapping out all of the boring logistics, but what we really want to know is more about you two!

We want you to consider us as friends and people you can look at to make sure your day is captured and as fun as it can be.  So we always consult with all couples before booking.  We want to make sure that you found the right fit for your wedding day, we are not a 1 size fits all company!

Booking GDA Weddings

Once we both agree that we are a great fit for each other, now it’s time to book the date!

We believe in simplicity over here at GDA Weddings, so we will send you a link that will walk you through booking us for the day.  It will include the contract, retainer fee, and schedule for additional payments (if needed).

Once the contract has been signed and retainer fee has been paid you are all set!

Your Engagement Session

Now it’s time to rub it in the faces of everyone that doubted you by taking some fantastic photos of you and your significant other!

We will start arranging a time to get this engagement session completed at a time that works perfect for you.

Don’t know of any places to shoot and don’t know how to pose?  Don’t worry!

We know of over 50 fantastic spots to shoot at in CT and we will teach you how to be pros at posing within minutes.

Planning for the big day!

Because of our conversations during the original consulting call and engagement session we have a pretty solid understanding of what you’ll need for your wedding.

BUT YOU NEVER KNOW!  We also reach out to you at least a month before your wedding day to go over any details we may have missed.

This is the perfect time to inform us of family members that you want a ton of photos of, or to point us in the direction of those pinterest boards you’ve been creating (we know you have one lol).

Your wedding is here!

Time flies by when planning a wedding!

Because we were very diligent at preparing for your wedding it’s time to have fun!  You know the schedule, we know the schedule, so go out there and have fun and we will inform you for the shoots that need to happen.

We pride ourselves on allowing couples to actually enjoy their day.  So go out there and enjoy it, and leave capturing it up to us.

So what happens after the wedding?

We allow our couples to breath and enjoy some time alone with their companion.

Within 7 days though you will receive a preview of your wedding, which typically is around 10 edited photos of the day.

You should then receive the entire wedding via an online gallery (just like how the engagement session was delivered) within 30 days.

Receiving albums and prints

With your online gallery anyone should have access to print whatever photos they want and typically they should receive photos within 5 days of placing an order.

If anyone wants albums they will have to get in contact with GDA Weddings directly in order to begin the process of making one.

We also understand that we are no longer in the 90’s and anyone can order prints online.  With our wedding packages we also offer printing rights for an additional fee.  We highly suggest purchasing the printing rights if you, family and friends intend on printing a large amount of photos.