GDA Weddings

About Us

About The Company

GDA Weddings is a wedding photography business focused on delivering a luxury experience for all clients.

Because this is most likely your first wedding, we understand how stressful and time consuming it can be to plan it.

Our goal is to be the easiest part of the process, while also assisting in making the rest of your ventures just as easy.

This is accomplished by walking with you step by step and educating you on everything you need to know to make your wedding the best wedding possible.

Oh yeah….we also take nice pictures.

Meet Your Photographer

Gary Pope is the owner and lead photographer of GDA Weddings.
Gary has been stuck in Connecticut for the past decade hailing from Boston
while having many southern roots.  Gary will fool you that he is an extrovert,
but his friends know him huge geek introvert. 
While he loves sports and MMA he'd much rather talk about board games, geek culture,
and random guilty pleasure trends such as the current fascination over
Popeye's chicken sandwiches and this app called "Tik-Tok"(This bio is TOTALLY going to age fast)
If you hate working with someone who enjoys watching a Patriots game
while "axing" questions, then Gary will beg you to reconsider it...he REALLY needs the money.
Gary Pope